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Miniature Spy Camera System

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You may have considered installing a miniature spy camera system but didn’t know where to find one. Look no further than the 4 camera system to insure your safety, security, and secrecy. 

This tiny wireless system (3.5” x 2” x 4” tall with stand, 1” without) features next-generation 2.4 GHz circuitry that eliminates cordless phone interference, and uses special subchannels that prevent it from interfering with routers*. 

Lose no data when sending your color digital images wirelessly to your monitor.  This unit features both remote viewing and motion activated alarms.

Typical applications of this camera system include nanny cameras, residential surveillance, business surveillance, and automobile security.

*Please note that due to the subchannels used, not all off the shelf 2.4Ghz cameras may work with this receiver.

Interior Hidden Recording
Miniature Spy Camera System

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